Airship Project
Airship Project

Airship Project

This project is to create a regional and exurban express transportation system, also creating a local industry building the airships for its use. A modern airship can be electrically driven and derive its power from solar tarps on the outside of the superstructure, thus making it completely nonpolluting and eliminating the need for external fueling. They are capable of cruising speeds comparable to the Japanese “bullet trains”, without requiring the extensive infrastructure investment that trains do. It requires less infrastructure than any other transit method, just a terminal at each end, which can be placed atop any unimpeded existing building more than six stories tall.

Our initial proposal is for both local and regional transport, with regional service to Olympia, Seattle, Eugene/Springfield, Bend, Klamath Falls, and San Francisco. The local service would have terminals in downtown Portland, Troutdale, Canby, Hillsboro, Vancouver WA, Estacada, and Sherwood, enabling exurban commuters from any direction to reach downtown more quickly than a current automotive commute and without the need to find a place to park their car when they arrive.


  1. Nissa Rost Rothman

    I also just stumbled upon this and am completely awestruck by the resonance I’m feeling. My little family recently moved from SE Portland to SE Corvallis. Please consider including us on your list of terminals! In this year since we moved to what’s called Southtown, I’ve discovered a whole universe of funkyfarm-creative village that reminds me of a cross between Detroit urban farm collectives and the Southside Minneapolis Powderhorn Park community that raised me. πŸ™πŸ½πŸ§ΏπŸ₯‚

    1. Hi, Nissa, and glad to have you —

      I’d lived in Corvallis before moving up here to Portland in 2012. The girlfriend I’d been living with is now living on Sternwheeler Drive, so I’m pretty familiar with Southtown. Corvallis City Hall would actually make a pretty good airship terminal.

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