There are a lot of conditions, context, and background about what we’re going to accomplish, and I’ll get to all that. The first question is “How are y’all going to accomplish a huge project starting from nothing?”

Obviously we’re going to need a much larger group, and that group will need a lot of allies, some of them powerful. We have three main strategies for attracting them, and one for avoiding being co-opted in the process.

The first and most important is we choose *good* people, acknowledge their agency and independence, and support them in doing their work. Musk, Bezos, Zuckerberg, and Buffett all had wealthy supportive parents. We have us. We’re better at it. This needs a more thorough explanation of solarpunk metaculture, which I’ll get to in another post.

The second is our ability to find or repurpose resources. For example, we need to build housing for three million people, and real estate near downtown is absurdly overpriced. So we build the Arcology in the air over the river, a resource that had not been recognized as a resource and so has not been being used.

The third is an implementation plan. Spinning wild-ass daydreams is easy and fun, and almost every activist has a good portfolio of them. What they don’t do that we do is map all the needs of the city onto the projects intended to address them, and figure out how to complete those projects such that the needs are met – a real project plan.

The Citizenry Aide program has a number of functions, and keeping the population of the city aware of their own interests and potential conflicts with the interests of others is what protects us from being co-opted. It would be difficult for a would-be Faux News to get a toehold if their entirely potential audience has trusted advisors telling them “This is bullshit.” We need censureship, not censorship.

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