Solarpunk Portland
Board meeting minutes 220412

Board meeting minutes 220412

Solarpunk Portland 4/13/22 Board Meeting


Mission Statement: Solarpunk Portland exists to create a rosy, positive, optimistic scientific and technological future for all of Portland. “Portland” here includes everyone who lives or works here, or will, or wants to, or wishes to emulate our way of living.

President’s Report

Status of business organizing


BIN Number: Not yet received

Business Registry Number: 194605490

Employer Identification Number: 88-1334553

Checking Account

//Seeing Rivermark to open it tomorrow.


//Must study. Joel will inquire with Rivermark C.U. and get 3 competing bids


//Incomplete. Joel will ask Marco to help finish.

Discord Server

//Free, works.


//Joel opened it. Find someone else to run it ASAP.

Reddit account

//Joel opened it. Find someone else to run it ASAP.

Facebook grou p

//Joel set it up. Find someone else to run it ASAP.

Status of Active Projects

Positive Proxye

//Discuss with Marco. Pay $3K 1/3 upfront, 1/3 at milestone, balance at completion.

Citizenry Building

//Obtain ~80 volunteers.

Project Management Internship Program

//Find project managers, support and tutor them.


//Be able to compensate internship with paid job, housing, and assistance

Mobile food project

//Transfer title into SolarPunk Portland name.


//Use as housing for interns


//Keep eye out for free/cheap equipment and space

Art Exhibit

//Organize SolarPunk art show.

Online Fiction Collaboration

//Use of social media sponsoring SolarPunk fiction

Personnel Needs and Requirements

//four dozen project managers

//~80 volunteers for citizen

Treasurer’s Report

Cash on hand

//$20,000 in hand

Assets (truck)

//1999 P3500 6.4L Diesel truck 10X,XXX miles

Review of Deliverables for Next Meeting


//Tuesday middle of May

//Have food truck operational and running

//Have developed citizenry aide program.

//Open business account, have credit cards and vendor service.

//Have truck title


Date and venue of next meeting

Tuesday closest to the middle of May.